Asked Questions

What is Cooperative Marketing?

Cooperative Marketing is when a group of companies like yours split the cost of a campaign which brings the costs down to an affordable rate for all participants.

Why Direct Mail?

Because Direct Mail works!  We have real-world experience in mailing millions of pieces a month.  Direct Mail always brought in the highest revenue per lead, more than double the amount compared to online marketing, TV and radio.  

What about Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is a great marketing channel; however, you have to compete with big businesses that have large corporate budgets to have an impact.  Additionally, experts state that consumers see over 5,000 online advertisements a day.  The average pieces of postal mail a consumer receives a day is 5.  See "Why Direct Mail" above.

What is the minimum order?

A typical Direct Mail campaign costs thousands of dollars.  Shared-Cost Marketing enables you to split the costs and brings the minimum order down to hundreds instead of thousands of dollars.

What can I expect for an ROI?

Although we cannot guarantee an ROI because every company is different, we have read articles of McDonald's receiving an ROI of 600% on their coupon-based direct mail campaigns. Of course that's McDonald's.  Would you be happy with an ROI of 50%, 100% or 200%?  Bed Bath & Beyond spends millions of dollars on their Direct Mail coupons because they work.  We won't know how yours will do until we get in the mail; however a 1% response rate is a good rule of thumb to use.  Most coupon based mailings, if done correctly, get double or triple that amount. We'll even help you track performance and figure out your ROI!

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